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Hey guys, today i went to the Diana’s home. Who’s diana? She is one of my bestfriend on junior high school until now, until we dead. She is Arabbian girl, and have marga Baagil. She is multitalent and intelligent girl, but she still crazy until now. Because today i’m started to holiday and don’t know what i must to do when afternoon came, so i have a plan to went to the Diana’s home and ask her to make Henna on my hand. Do you know about henna? Henna is.......decorate skin like hand and foot from a plant. Usually use to women when she got married in Arab, India, and many more. I know she can do it because she like to decorate something, and the example is henna.

I’m forgot about her home. I think her home through fly over, but.....not. Okey i must rotate my road and....i’m lost. Okey no problem. And finally i found her home. Very hot and tiredly.

Aaaaa i miss her so muuuch and we tell about our story. Her sister was married and her big sister’s hand gave henna too. 

Saya : Din, kakakmu juga kamu henna-in?
Diana : Ya nggaklah, aku itu nggak ahli.
Saya : Berarti kalau kamu nikah kamu juga bakal di henna din?
Diana : Iyalah...
Saya : Yaudah, ntar kalau aku nikah, kamu henna-in aku ya

Hahaha kami pun tertawa. Indahnya persahabatan.
Then, I went to Adila’s home to drove Diana on Bukber 9B. Adila same with Diana, but her marga is Mahrus. I don’t understand about that, but I think they are same. Arabbian.

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