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this morning I met my diary, discovered by my mother *sad -__- . I know all was going according to what we want, but this afternoon when I came home from school. Where you try to unplug it from the school with a clever trick from Siti, caught by the children of SSC. About the unplug of the school?This idea emerged when we going copy some paper on the BPD. Wihhh really simple. Just put your bag of the children who want to compromise and then you come out with a paper without bring the bag, then you wait for your friend to the beside smaga to throw your bag down there. and upps! caught by the children of the SSC, ama Galih and Odik. Of this I can conclude unplug on that day FAILED!

About the diary, I know all the stories on the my diary of happiness until sadness is there. Especially remind me when I liked someone. Where each time I always monitor it. I know, I bet he'll never know. When he did not go to school for days. I was afraid he would return to his hometown, my favorite city! haha! and it turns out? he does not move to the his hometown but go to school with bandaged hands. I miss it all when I always looked at you even though sometimes he ever know it. I know all that funny, all of them. and it not be enough if I tell you here. so, maybe by writing this, it will relieve me to miss all the bitter and sweet by flashblack past. enjoy your life yaa! thank's :))

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